Landon ~ 3 Months Old

Landon is now 3 months old and simply the most smiley and gorgeous baby boy I've ever seen. I am just a little biased though, as he is the creation of me and my husband! I just cannot get enough of him!


Reese & Quinlynn ~ Cousins

This is a collage that Quinlynn and Reese's mothers requested for the grandparents of these adorable little girls.


Quinlynn ~ 3 Months Old

Here is Miss Quinlynn Charity at 3 months old. I love to photograph babies month after month and just see the changes in their little personalities. Quinlynn just loves to smile and make small talk.


Merry Christmas from Landon!

Landon is my baby boy...he's 10 weeks old now and the most adorable little boy ever! We did a little playing with the color in these shots and I love it!


Melissa's Family

Melissa's my wonderful friend from high school...and she's got a big family...and it's about to get even bigger than this (she's expecting twins in February)!


Dustin ~ Class of 2010

I've known Dustin since he was a baby...so obviously, it was very much fun getting to do these pictures (it made me feel super old too, but oh well). His lovely girlfriend, Shae, was asked to be in a few of these pictures with him! They were great!


Jodi & Jennifer ~ Class of 2010

These twin sisters were very much fun...and they toughed out the bitter cold wind we were dealing with!


The Roberts Kids!


The Cupp Family

These are good friends of mine, which makes them one of my favorite families to photograph. The love of their family shows in their photos and I LOVE that!


Madelyn - Emma - Landon

My three adorable babies!


Cal & Mya