Officially 5 Months Old!

I got some more pictures of our cutie pie Landon today...and I didn't do so well picking my favorites...there are lots!  He was just so smiley! 


Landon ~ 5 Months Old

So technically, he's not 5 months old until tomorrow...but like I've said before, I just can't help myself when it comes to photographing him.  He's just too adorable!  Maybe I'll take a few more pictures tomorrow too...for his "actual" 5 month birthday!  Life with him in our family is such a joy!   ♥


It's Twins! Margaret & Kylie

A few months ago, I posted some pictures of my friend, Melissa, who was expecting twin girls.  Well, Margaret Ann and Kylie Nicole arrived happy and healthy on Friday, January 29th, 2010.  I must say they are two of the most adorable little things ever!  Here's a sneak peek of our newborn session today.  There will be more up by the end of the week!