Amazing Little Blessings

These three beautiful children belong to my husband and me...they certainly make life full of giggles! 


A Happy New Beginning for Jane & Jim...

 Jane & Jim are only the 2nd couple that I've done a wedding for...and actually, I told them no the first time they asked.--I'm glad they didn't give up on me and got me to say yes because they were amazing!  I could not have asked for a more beautiful couple!  Here are a few pictures to start off the week...and more will come as the week goes on and I get more edited and pick out more favorites!!
Thank you to Mandy Williams for second shooting for me..there is no way I could have done it without you!!

 MORE of my favorites!


My Emma Claire


Simply put, Kaitlyn is one of my very favorite little girls!  She's about to turn 6 and head off to kindergarten, so we got a few shots to pause this point in her life!


Sydney & Hudson

Sydney and Hudson are just absolutely adorable!  We got just a couple pictures in before the rain started to pour...but we waited it out a bit and ended up with some very cute shots (I think anyway)!!  This is just a few of my favorites so far...I've got a tad more editing to do!



Kylie & Maggie are 4 Months Old!

These little girls have changed so much in their few months here!  They are interacting with each other more and it's just way too cute!  It really makes me wonder just what they're saying to one another!!