Matthew - Class of 2011

Matthew is another one of those teenagers that reminds me I'm getting older; I remember when he was born.  And honestly, can hardly believe he's actually old enough to be graduating?!  
We had fun during our session, climbing straw bales and he even took me for a ride on the gator (now, that was fancy...I didn't have to walk through the field)!!  I love old dead trees and there's just a special place in my heart for farm boys!


Elizabeth Anne ♥

I took pictures of the expectant parents about a month back, and now they have welcomed their beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Anne.  She weighed in at a tiny 4 pounds, 14 ounces and is just 18 inches long.  She is such an adorable little miracle.  Here are a few pictures for you, Theresa...I can't wait to watch her grow (as well as you and Glenn as you start your road in parenting)!


The Roberts Kids

I love these kids.  They were sooo good during their session, patiently waiting for their turn, and even cooperating for group shots!  Such sweet little things!  :-)


The Messer Family

This photo session was so much fun for me!  The kids were full of energy and made me smile!  I'll start with a few of my favorites of the kids and I'll post some family shots later. 

And now some of the adorable family!   Each child definitely has their own personality and you can tell they definitely truly love one another!  It was great!


10 Years of Wedded Bliss!

I've known Mandy for what seems like always...and Blaine since he moved to our school district sometime in middle school.  They started dating around the same time John and I did and I remember the day Mandy told me her and Blaine were an item...it was a Sunday morning at church (the Sunday morning after the Saturday night Semi-Formal that I didn't go to).  You always know the look in your friend's eyes when they're just a bit "twitterpated"...and she definitely had it!  So I said, "Who's the guy?"  She says, "Blaine."  I say, "Blaine!?!"  And it wasn't that Blaine was a bad guy, he was just the furthest from what I thought Mandy's "type" was...however, as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months and years, we've obviously found out he was definitely her type!  They are adorably still in love.  And I'm so glad that let me snap a few pictures of them!  Love you guys!!  And hope to capture some shots after 40 more years together!


The Zeeb Family

The twins are 6 months old, big sister is turning 5!  Big things are happening in the Zeeb family and time to document that with new family photos!  Here's a few...more to come!


Glenn & Theresa and Baby

To make it simple, it's going to be so fun to see Glenn and Theresa as parents.  They've waited 8 years for this little blessing to happen and I am just so thrilled for them.  During their session last night, I have to admit, a few tears were shed.  Knowing how long they've waited and now seeing the happiness and anticipation in their eyes just gives me such joy.
This picture is one of my very favorites and Theresa said I could just post one for now!