10 Years of Wedded Bliss!

I've known Mandy for what seems like always...and Blaine since he moved to our school district sometime in middle school.  They started dating around the same time John and I did and I remember the day Mandy told me her and Blaine were an item...it was a Sunday morning at church (the Sunday morning after the Saturday night Semi-Formal that I didn't go to).  You always know the look in your friend's eyes when they're just a bit "twitterpated"...and she definitely had it!  So I said, "Who's the guy?"  She says, "Blaine."  I say, "Blaine!?!"  And it wasn't that Blaine was a bad guy, he was just the furthest from what I thought Mandy's "type" was...however, as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months and years, we've obviously found out he was definitely her type!  They are adorably still in love.  And I'm so glad that let me snap a few pictures of them!  Love you guys!!  And hope to capture some shots after 40 more years together!


Jane Ranney said...

Is this the Mandy that helped with our wedding?

Melissa Wylie said...

Yep, Jane, it is!