A New Beginning ♥

This is my older sister, Stacy, and her four adorable and amazing children, Malachi, Elijah, Jerica and Isaiah.  (I'm not biased at all, of course.)  Miraculously, we got them all in one picture together...with somewhat pleasant expressions! 


Shelby - Class of 2011

Shelby's session was very relaxed.  She is very sweet and "go-with-the-flow"; I didn't have to do much persuading to try different shots.  I absolutely loved her dad's cute old car...don't you?!  Hope you enjoy your small preview, Shelby.  It was great to meet you!


My Baby Boy - 1 Year [already]

So, one year has quickly come and gone for our little Landon John.  He's such the sweetest thing and has been such a blessing to our family.  We thank God for this past year and for the fun times that are to come!  Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!!



I ♥ tiny babies.  They make my heart melt.  And little Elizabeth is just the sweetest little thing!


Greg & Danielle - Happy Forever After ♥

I'll start with the story behind how I know this bride...I met this "little" girl when I was in high school.  Her parents were our youth group leaders.  I adored them all...actually her daddy was one of the groomsmen in my wedding.  Summer after my senior year (1999) I was asked to babysit for Danielle and her two siblings...a twelve-year-old boy...who thought he was too old to need a babysitter and a six-year-old little girl who had quite the attitude...and then there was Danielle...smack in the middle of those two in age. She was actually the one who gave me the least grief that summer.  That was one of the best summers in my memory.  That family became part of my family and I love them all so very much!  So, photographing Danielle's wedding was great fun for me.  I hope I captured all the love that was oozing out of Danielle and Greg this day, because it was definitely there!  Congratulations you two!!

Anthony, Danielle, Krista

The very fun wedding party!  Don't you love their smiles!!

 I realized as I have been editing these pictures that my favorites are the ones where they are looking at each other.  There is just something about how a couple in love looks at each other...it's so amazing and new and they're ready to take on anything, together, as they begin this new life together as husband and wife.  
I love it!

Brayden - 1 Year Old

This session was super fun!  Brayden was full of energy and smiles...and even some adorable pouts as well!  His  mom is a friend of mine from high school and it's very fun to have had little boys just 3 weeks apart!  We took some pictures at her parents home on Big Turkey Lake and also some more at PH School Farm.  Enjoy your sneak peek, Krystal! 


Christopher - 7 Years

Christopher is simply an amazing little man.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to capture these photos for his family.  He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has been through one round of chemo.  His second round will start soon.  He's a trooper and certainly makes me look at life in a whole new perspective. 
Christopher and his younger brother, Nathan.

Christopher with his two cousins on the left and Nathan on the right.

Chris, Mom and Nathan


Audrey - Class of 2011

I had a fabulous time during Audrey's senior portrait session!  We had many laughs...and she even ended up with her foot stuck in some mud and we're pretty sure she touched poison ivy multiple times!  Here's a very small peek into her pictures and I'll be sure to get a few more up in the near future...but for now, Enjoy!

Madison ♥ 18 Months

Little Madison kept me moving!  Just when I would get situated to take a picture, she'd be off in the other direction!  But that's ok, she was a sweetie!  And we even got to see a baby turtle!

The Foley Family

I ♥ the Foley family!  The reason for this session was to get a current family picture done while their oldest daughter, Christine, was home from her many college overseas trips.  (She was in Jordan over the summer and is currently in Ecuador.)  I hold this family very near and dear to my heart.  I babysat the three older gals when they were little and now they babysit for my darling little trio!