Greg & Danielle - Happy Forever After ♥

I'll start with the story behind how I know this bride...I met this "little" girl when I was in high school.  Her parents were our youth group leaders.  I adored them all...actually her daddy was one of the groomsmen in my wedding.  Summer after my senior year (1999) I was asked to babysit for Danielle and her two siblings...a twelve-year-old boy...who thought he was too old to need a babysitter and a six-year-old little girl who had quite the attitude...and then there was Danielle...smack in the middle of those two in age. She was actually the one who gave me the least grief that summer.  That was one of the best summers in my memory.  That family became part of my family and I love them all so very much!  So, photographing Danielle's wedding was great fun for me.  I hope I captured all the love that was oozing out of Danielle and Greg this day, because it was definitely there!  Congratulations you two!!

Anthony, Danielle, Krista

The very fun wedding party!  Don't you love their smiles!!

 I realized as I have been editing these pictures that my favorites are the ones where they are looking at each other.  There is just something about how a couple in love looks at each other...it's so amazing and new and they're ready to take on anything, together, as they begin this new life together as husband and wife.  
I love it!

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Holly Stewart said...

Awesome job Melissa! I especially like the "candid" shot with the wedding party laughing. That was so neat!