The Three Little Zeeb Gals

Happy Halloween from three sweet little girls!  The baby girls are 9 months old now...and Makayla got to join in the picture taking fun this month as well, much to her disliking (she kept asking, "can we be done now?").  :o)  I think I was still able to get some pretty cute ones of her anyhow!   And the little girls are just changing so quickly and really establishing their little personalities.  It's absolutely adorable!

Miss Maggie

Miss Kylie

Miss Makayla Sue


The Coney Family

This family is just adorable!  
The little girls know just how to turn on the charm!  And their baby brother was so stinkin' cute as well!  They sure made me smile!  We worked around a few sprinkles to start with, but the same came out making it a picture perfect day!  Thanks, Valerie and Kyle for the opportunity to photograph your family!


Landon John [aka LJ or Little John]

I just had to throw in some new photos of my own baby boy!  He is 13 months old today!  He's walking all over, getting into everything and makes me smile every day!


The Miller Family

This finishes off my fun bunch of family sessions from last weekend. 
I actually had a hand in starting this family!  After helping set these two up on a blind date back in 2002, they were engaged just 6 weeks after that, married a year later and now here they are years later with one gorgeous little girl (who was quite the model, I must say)! 


The Kirtlan Family

Can't say much more than I just love this fantastic family!  

The McKee Family

It's always fun to do sessions for old classmates...just seeing how cute their kids are and seeing where they've gone in life.  The daddy of this family I met way back when we were pretty close to the age of his oldest daughter!  They were quite energetic and kept me moving!  Definitely fun! 


The Witherspoon Family

I had a hard time picking out my favorites from this session, because the children were just the most darling little things ever!  This sweet little girl had just turned one year old, so the session was mostly for her, but we also did family shots and some of her brother as well!
 Isn't she just the sweetest thing?!

Nate & Lisa and Allen, Clayton and Preston [expecting baby]

This is one of my favorite families!  They are just way too adorable (and I know I overuse the word adorable, but I can't help it)!  I had so much fun during this expectant mama//family session.  For a brief moment, these little boys, made me wish I had three boys of my own...but then as I watched Clayton eat a carrot out of one hand while holding onto a tree frog in the other, I rethought that!  Ha!  I'll stick with my two girls and one boy!
Late November, this family will be changing...as they are adding a baby #4...a GIRL!  I cannot wait to see how their family dynamic changes.