So it's time...

So, it's time to raise my prices.  I'm not raising them by much, but I have become more confident in my work and have become busier than I ever expected to become.  A lot of my customers choose to buy the cd of proofs from me and do your own printing, which is fine (that's why I give it as an option) however, that is my work I'm selling and I do believe my work is worth more.
Sessions that are already booked will NOT be affected by this, you will still pay the prices you signed on for.  However, anyone scheduling after now, will need to see the revised price list. 
I love you all and hope to continue making memories for you...and as you look at those pictures on your wall, I hope they make you smile!  Because smiling's my favorite!! ♥

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Anonymous said...

You work hard and do an excellent job capturing those special moments. You also work your schedule around so many others. I'm glad you finally decided to raise your prices.
YOU deserve it and we are blessed to have you share the talent God has given you with us!
Love ya,