Kylie & Maggie are 1 Year Old!

So their first year has come to an end, and I feel so blessed to have been able to watch their little changes every month.  They have changed SO much!  I will probably post more, but here's a start!


My Little Blessings ♥

The Schmidt Family

Finally, things have slowed down a bit!  Which is why it's so nice to have someone ask me to do some pictures for their family in the middle of January!  It's a little less stressful when it comes to finding time to edit and I don't have a long list of other sessions that need to be done one after the other! 

I have known the older Schmidt sisters since I was in elementary school; Ann was my sister's best friend, so I saw quite a bit of her in my former years.  Brenda was a year ahead of me in school and Lisa was a year behind...and we also got to share our first pregnancies together (our babies were born just about 6 weeks apart).  With that said, I knew this day of picture taking was going to be fun!  '

I took pictures of  the whole family and then broke it down into each and every "tiny" family...however, in this family, "tiny" isn't really a word used often.  Big numbers seem to be more popular.  So, I'm just going to give a few of my very favorites from this fun day with them...and then they can feel free to share whatever other ones they wish on their Facebook pages and such!

 This picture is just great.  The look on Grandma's face is priceless...and imagine, while shooting this picture, all of the moms were behind me singing "Do Your Ears Hang Low"...
which evidently, we found out, scares some babies!