Quinlynn ♦ 18 Months

Well, technically, she just turned 19 months, but we were waiting for on warmer weather and non-busy mamas to get this photo session done.  Such a sweet spirit Quinlynn is...and like most 18 month olds, she was on the go!  It's always fun letting them just roam and catching those cute expressions.  Here's just a peek into what we got this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

The 3rd Picture is adorable!!! Great Job!!

Barb Dunker said...

Melissa you took some wonderful pictures, I've not seen Quinlynn for two months and she has changed so much. We're finally on our way home and I can't wait to see her. You take beautiful pictures and you have a way of capturing their little souls, keep up the gr8 work. Thank you from one proud grandma

Barb Dunker