The Keil Family

This family was so cute.  Four little ones, with four unique little personalities...means much fun for me (and no I'm not kidding).  It's always exciting to see if I can really pull out the personality in each child and make it visible in pictures, that is always the challenge I give to myself.  Here's a few of my early favorites!  Yes, there are more of the smallest little guy, but there's just nothing better than the expressions of a toddler.
After this photo session, I discovered I'd taken home a little friend with me...uh, not so much a friend, really, but a tiny little tick.  I have to say, that's a first!  Oh well, that's what I get for lying down in the grass!


Emma Claire {almost 6 years old}

Emma Claire is my darling little middle child, who is due to turn six years old in just a few weeks.  She just finished kindergarten this passed week and I'm absolutely amazed at all the information this sweet doll has soaked up.  (Ok, so I'll stop bragging on my baby girl now.)
I tend to fit in yearly pictures of my kids when the weather is nice, their mood is good...and I'm in the mood to photograph as well.  Even though my oldest child is long overdue for her pictures, Emma was the one feeling it tonight...so I jumped at the opportunity...and goodness, I am so glad I did.


Natalie {3 Years Old}

Little Natalie does not like having her picture taken...not at all.  This was try #2 to get some pictures of her...and I wasn't giving up until I got some good ones!  :o)  When we got started she didn't want to leave mama's side, but slowly, we got her to let go. 
I absolutey LOVE the pictures of her with her Daddy's old pedal tractor!


Allie {dance}

Allie was the perfect subject for my first "offical" dance photo session.  She's so beautiful inside and out and her talent is absoultely evident.  I loved seeing her do different dance postitions.  Passion for dance-yes, she has it.  A thank you goes to Allie and her mom for asking me to do these pictures.  It was a wonderful experience for me.  Here's a few of my favorites so far! 


The Hanaway Boys

I love the Hanaway brothers.  I have even lost track of how many times I have taken their pictures.  This year I was thrilled when their mom had asked me about taking this year's pictures on the train that was scheduled to be in town (she's got connections everywhere...and knows how to sweet talk anyone).  We had a fun time walking down the tracks, checking out the passenger cars; and the cattle car was my favorite (there were not actual cows, of course).  Here are a few of my favorites, but I had quite a few...


Cal & Mya

Goodness these two just made me giggle.  I love it when a parent says, "Do whatever you want.  I don't care what they do."  The kiddos then have the freedom to be the goofy things they really are...and trust me, these two are just a tad of the goofy side.  (Ha)  I had tons of fun following them around into different parts of their yard and watching each and every silly expression on their faces!  Thanks, Casey, for the opportunity to photograph your darlings once again!