Ray & Holly {married} 7.10.11

So, I was taking some time off in July so that I can enjoy my kids while they have summer break, seeing as this is the shortest summer we've ever had due to making up snow days from the big "blizzard" of 2011.  Then, when you're given the opportunity to photograph your cousin's wedding...that kinda goes out the window.  However, I like to look at it in a way, that this would be the reason I took off from taking other pictures, so I had time to be there for family!  Right? 
I loved being a part of Holly & Ray's special day.  They had a beautiful day for the occassion (maybe just a tad on the hot side, but better than snow or a thunderstorm).  What made it more special for the family is that is was at the farm, the place where we all hold some of our fondest memories. 
Congratulations, to you two, Holly and Ray, as you begin your new life together.  My hope and prayer for you both is that those smiles I saw on that day continue for the rest of your lives. 

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