Elizabeth [one year old]

Wow.   This could definitely qualify as the fastest year ever.  A year ago I was visiting this little miracle in the hospital.  Now, she is on the go and quite the sweetheart.  It's been such a blessing to be the one to photograph her every few months and watch her grow. 


Kara [expecting baby boy]

We had ideal weather for this maternity session!  This summer has been awful for any mother expecting...so it's nice that there is finally some cooler weather.  If you remember, Kara is my friend who has a little girl, Quinlynn, who is 5 days older than my Landon.  Well...she is due late September with Baby #2; and this time it's a boy!  I'm excited to watch the Dunker family grow once again and look forward to all of the awaiting transitions!


Nevaeh & Casen

This was a very spontaneous session...thanks to a beautiful day and flexible kids!  These kids made me laugh, that's for sure.  I've photographed them a time or two before and it's fun to see them growing up and watching their little personalities...well, maybe not so "little"... :o)


The Foley Sisters

I have watched these girls grow up for about the last 15 or so years...and it's been such fun.   I was so happy to capture some memories with them as their moments together are few and far between these days.  Their mom and dad have definitely given them wings to fly.  The oldest two are headed out for college in just a few short days...Tennessee and Arkansas...one to finish her college adventures and one just starting out.  All I can really say is they make my heart smile...and they give the best hugs EVER!  Can't wait to see what God has in store for them this year!  Here are just a few of my favorites...love you, Christine, Emily, Bethany and Moriah.  


The Hileman Kids

I do so enjoy doing pictures for clients that are from different towns and getting to use a different "canvas".   We had perfect weather for this session...finally, a day that wasn't humid and hot...simply beautiful!  As you'll see these kids are just darling - full of energy and they definitely kept me moving!


Justin [ 4 Years Old ]

This little boy is amazing.  The smartest 4-year-old I've ever met.  Can you say your alpahbet backwards?  (Neither can I...but Justin can...among many other things...)  I had the opportunity to photograph Justin last year as well; and it was just fascinating to see the growing he's done in that short year...and he's also gained "Big Brother" status in this last year as well!  Hopefully, you'll get to see pictures of his cute baby sis in the near future. 


Brody [six months old]

Brody is so adorable...those cheeks...his smiles...goodness, all sorts of cuteness just oozes out of him! 


The Zeeb Family

The twins are now 18 months old and Makayla will soon be 6 and heading off to kindergarten (I know her mom will just love that reminder).  This photo session was interesting, as it required many ac breaks and large glasses of water to cool off.  I'm thinking it was around 92 degrees that day...it was amazing the little ones endured as much as they did, because it was stinkin' hot.   We did pictures at the Zeeb's home, which is a beautiful wooded property...with an adorable little bridge and pond and some lovely flowers of all sorts (Mel does a great job keeping up with all the pretty landscaping)! 

These look a little grainy, not sure why, because I shrunk them like I normally do...so I may redo them if I enter the non-dial-up world in the near future!