The Zeeb Family

The twins are now 18 months old and Makayla will soon be 6 and heading off to kindergarten (I know her mom will just love that reminder).  This photo session was interesting, as it required many ac breaks and large glasses of water to cool off.  I'm thinking it was around 92 degrees that day...it was amazing the little ones endured as much as they did, because it was stinkin' hot.   We did pictures at the Zeeb's home, which is a beautiful wooded property...with an adorable little bridge and pond and some lovely flowers of all sorts (Mel does a great job keeping up with all the pretty landscaping)! 

These look a little grainy, not sure why, because I shrunk them like I normally do...so I may redo them if I enter the non-dial-up world in the near future!

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