Quinlynn [2 Years Old]

So I'm definitely getting practice with two-year-olds this month.  Entertaining as they may be, I get my workout in during each session!  I LOVE all of the expressions that toddlers emit.  And if you've ever tried to photograph a toddler, you understand that they cannot be posed...they will do what they wish to do.  Qunilynn will be turning 2 on Tuesday (and her mama is due with baby brother in just over a week)!  I was able to take along my almost 2 year old, Landon, for this session as well...which was probably not the brightest decision ever, since the two of them would decide just to wander together for awhile...but all in all it was a super fun session!


Jillian [2 Years Old]

So little Miss Jillian is absolutely gorgeous, with those bright blue eyes and a great smile...but when she was ready to be done with pictures, she let us know it. Afterall, she is turning two years old! Despite the fog delay, wet grass, possibility of rain and unhappy kids,
I think I was able to get some really cute pictures! 

The Kirtlan Family

So...I love this family...especially their sweet little boys.  Branden will turn 5 this week and Blake 18 months (remember, I've photographed Blake since before he was born)!  Branden and his stories just crack me up.  I look forward to watching these boys grow up for the years to come...if they're are anything like their daddy and uncles (and even their aunt), we might be in for some trouble!


Kyleen [Class of 2012]

Kyleen's photo session was amazingly fun!  She is such a sweet girl and I'm so glad I got to make these memories with her and her mom!  Kyleen was just about willing to do anything...including climbing on branches over water and sitting in ice cold waterfalls...and smile so much that her cheeks hurt!  Here's a small preview of what we got...it was hard for me to narrow down my favorites, because I have quite a few!


The Gresock Famly - - Brayden turns 2!

Brayden's mama is one of my dear friends from high school...one of those friends that moved far far away, so I only get to see her when she makes quick trips home to visit her parents.  So I was thrilled when she asked me to take some pictures while they were home over Labor Day weekend! 
Brayden is one of those September 2009 babies...there are quite a few of them!  He turned two years old on the exact day I took pictures.  He was so absolutely adorable holding up his little two fingers,  and proudly displaying his "Birthday Boy" t-shirt.  And oh my goodness, this little one is quite he chatter box!  He could tell me his full name even...he was just soo cute!