So a Cyber Monday deal a day late...

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Trapper - 2 Years [featuring mom & dad]

It's been a long time since I can remember having a Thanksgiving weekend with 60 degree weather.  We were blessed with one this year, which was perfect to fit in one last November session. 
Trapper is quite a cutie and loves his mommy and daddy.  It was so sweet to hear him talk to them...there's nothing quite as adorable as the voice of a toddler! 


Amber & Shane [engaged!]

My baby sister is engaged!  She's the only little sister I have (she's 6 years younger)...and it's been so fun watching her grow up into such an amazing young woman!  Even though, just for the record, I was supposed to be the baby, I cannot imagine my life without her in it!  I thank God for those special surprises you can't always plan for.  We are very excited to be adding Shane to our family...and hopefully some little kiddos in a few years as well (but we're not rushing that aspect...yet)!

[a match made at Wendy's]


Kinsey [Class of 2012]

At this point in time, the only advertising I have is word of mouth.  And it appears my clients are doing thier job!  I am pretty sure that Kinsey is my first Fort Wayne client; and to top it off, she wanted to travel to Bonneyville Mill in Elkhart County for her pictures, so it was quite a drive for them.  (That's alright with me, I love Bonneyville!)  She got my name from Kyleen, who I'd photographed in September...so a big thanks goes out to her and her mom!
I really enjoyed my session with Kinsey; getting to know her and her mom.  She's a natural in front of the camera, making it difficult to pick just a few to post for her preview.  So...here's my attempt at just picking a "few"!! 


The Weilein Family [expecting baby #3]

Miracles still happening.  Sweet Erin, ovarian cancer survivor, who wasn't given much hope about having any children is expecting baby #3 in just a few short weeks, not without challenges along the way, yet embracing every moment of it. 



the most wonderful time of the year.

I will not be booking any photo sessions in the month of December (unless we don't get our first snow until then, and there are two people who I would fit in if that were the case--and they know who they are).  I want to spend the most wonderful time of the year with my family!   :o) So, if you want pictures for Christmas, please contact me soon!


Samantha - Gavin - Matthew - Chloe

As I sat editing these photos today, I'll be honest, I shed a few tears just thinking about these adorable little munchkins.  Each of them has their own "Once upon a time", but thanks to Wil and Michelle and listening to the calling of their hearts, each of these little blessings shares the same "Happily ever after."  There is no greater sense of "family" than this.  The smiles on their faces say it all.