Kinsey [Class of 2012]

At this point in time, the only advertising I have is word of mouth.  And it appears my clients are doing thier job!  I am pretty sure that Kinsey is my first Fort Wayne client; and to top it off, she wanted to travel to Bonneyville Mill in Elkhart County for her pictures, so it was quite a drive for them.  (That's alright with me, I love Bonneyville!)  She got my name from Kyleen, who I'd photographed in September...so a big thanks goes out to her and her mom!
I really enjoyed my session with Kinsey; getting to know her and her mom.  She's a natural in front of the camera, making it difficult to pick just a few to post for her preview.  So...here's my attempt at just picking a "few"!! 

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These are amazing!