Baby Kaleb - a long awaited miracle!

I have had some amazing maternity and newborn sessions in the past few months that really put things into perspective.  Little Kaleb is one of those special miracles.
For years, Angie and Daron dealt with infertility issues, not really understanding why, because both their older two children came about with no problems.  About a year a half ago, Angie had decided she'd throw in the towel and just have a hysterectomy, tired of dealing with medical issues within herself, and she wouldn't have to go month after month wondering if she'd ever get pregnant.  (For those of you who have tried for months to get pregnant know the sorrow that comes along with seeing a negative pregnancy test over and over again.)  Her surgery was scheduled, she was prepared and ready.  However, after getting her bloodwork done to have the surgery, she found out she was pregnant.  But all too quickly the shock and excitement of pregnancy after all those years, turned into sadness, as she found out she was in the midst of a miscarriage.  God apparently had other plans for their family...saying "all in His perfect timing."  So, a few more months went by, still not getting pregnant...until May of last year...I remember that day so vividly.  Angie had called me and wanted to meet me at Jo Jo's for lunch.  I said, "Sure...we can make that work."  Then she passed her purse over to me and tells me to look at what is in it, where she had stashed her postivie pregnancy test.  I let out a very loud, yet silent, scream (pretty sure I looked crazy)!  Finally!  There was an amazing miracle on it's way.  So, for those of you who may be dealing with a similar situation, God always has a plan.  He knows the bigger picture.  Just trust Him.  You'll be blessed beyond your imaginaton.


[Snow Day]

School was closed due to a "Winter Storm Warning."  The wind outside was horrible...so we stayed inside all day and Emma wanted some pictures with her red hat.  How can I turn down the opportunity to take pictures of my sweet children?  You may be tired of seeing pictures of my Miss Emma, but my other two kids just aren't as willing to sit in front of a camera!  Soon though...I'll convince the others it's fun!



Winter Wonderland?

Hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to this point.  We haven't had much snow this winter.  We weren't even lucky enough to have a white Chistmas.  However, last weekend we got a pretty good amount of snow, but I didn't have time to get out in it for pictures until last night, as it was melting because it's 40 degrees in January!!  My little Emma Claire was more than willng to go play in the snow so I could snap a few photos.
I look forward to what 2012 has in store for me, meeting new clients and making new memories  Book your session anytime!  There is limited availability in January, February and March due to my kiddos' schedules, but contact me and I'll get you in to the best of my ability!