Amelia & Jeremy {engaged}

Amelia and Jeremy are absolutely adorably in love!  We froze a bit, but certainly had fun!  I hope these pictures tell their story as cute as it is when they tell it! 

Couple Session Special!!

Are you engaged, married 1 year or 50, or somewhere in between?  Are you a couple...in loooove??  If you contact me within 1 week from this post and book your "Couple Session" before July, I wll give you half off the session fee!  This session can take an hour or a few hours, one outfit or a couple outfit changes, whatever makes you and your other - "us"...
Each session (except for the School Picture Package) includes a bound proof book that you get to keep at no extra charge.  (That's a question I get a lot, "You mean I get to keep this?!")  Yep, because I still believe that pictures look different in print than on a computer screen.  I don't want to have to make you choose which photos you want without seeing them in "real life".  :o)
So, feel free to send me an email or give me a call and book your session today!  john_and_melissa@juno.com or 667.4146

Laura and Josh {and all their sweet kids}

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of this family.  Josh had contacted me in November wanting to get a gift certificate for Laura for Christmas.  He knew it was the one thing she really wanted and he could surprise her.  We had planned for a January session, but a hospital stay for Josh got in he way.  So glad we finally made it work and I'm hoping that I got some great memories for them to hold onto forever!  I loved watching the dynamic in this family, and it included real smiles, quite often!  I am pretty sure this family laughs a lot...


Emily [nine months old]

My fun week of photographing babies has come to an end!  Miss Emily was quite the sweetheart...full of little giggles and squeals.  The highlight was watching her face light up when her brothers came within her line of vision. (That's how we got some of these fabulous smiles!)


Sarah Anne [ one month old ]

Sarah Anne, another sweet little blessing.  I was very happy when Sarah's mama was the one who one my photo session gift certificate I gave away at our church's women's retreat.  Tiny babies...there's just nothing sweeter...really.  And I look forward to photographing the whole family when weather warms up!