Well...it's a first for me...photographing three little bundles...at the same time!  Another session that had me in tears as I was editing.  It was not very long ago that Glenn and Theresa weren't parents, only hoping...and here we are and they are parents to four adorable and amazing little ones.  Blessed beyond measure.   I will be photographing these boys each month as they grow, and I am sooo thrilled to watch them change throughout this first year!  I absolutely LOVE all their sweet little expressions!
I love this picture...and the first thing I noticed was how Theresa's fingers are so widely spread apart.  All too soon, it won't matter how far she spreads those fingers because those boys will be off and runnig.  The second thing I noticed, of course, was Nathan gazing up at his mama.  {priceless}


The role of 'big' sister is a very BIG challenge in this case!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Theresa, Glenn, and Elizabeth. These are the first pictures that we've seen of the munchkins.......adorable! We can't wait to see them in person. K, J, & Co.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! How angelic. My phone does not get pictures so this is the first time I am seeing them. It looks like big sister got her hair cut. I will be checking in to this website every month. Aunt Sandy