the 'Triplets' [3 months old] Paul, Nathan and Kevin

Such sweet boys, they just make me smile.

Paul has come such a long way since his arrival.  No more 'preemie' baby look.  He is just adorable!

 I LOVE Nathan's cheeks, dimple and smiles! 

 Kevin has always been the most mellow of the boys each time I've photographed them, and this session proved to be just like the previous ones.  I don't think he lets much frazzle him!  What a cutie!


Aubrey [3 months old]

Aubrey is 3 months old!  She's quickly growing and her expressions are endless.  And even though she was upset with the whole idea of picture taking, I think I got some adorable shots!


Addelyn [9 months old]

It was great to see Miss Addy again!  She's growing and exploring new things! 


Kaleb [six months old]

Oh how I love little Kaleb!  I cannot believe how big he is already!  It was a year ago I was taking very early maternity pics of his mama on the beach of Lake Michigan.   
I had so much fun taking pictures of him..so many expressions!!


Nevaeh & Casen {All American Mini - Session #11}