The Kirtlan Family

Oh goodness how I love this family. They have been friends for more years than I can remember!  These are a couple of ornery little boys...but oh so much fun.  :o)




The Stoy Family

I have secretly marveled at Melanie since the day she sang at my grandma's funeral when I was just ten years old.  There was something so comforting about her voice...now years later, I admire her even more for always trusting in God's plan regardless of how life-changing it may be. 
I have looked forward to photographing this family all summer long, and for good reason.  It was so much fun.  Five cute kids and cute parents...and on a farm!  I hope I was able to capture some wonderful memories for you, Melanie and Ken...






Olivia [ 1 year old ]

I first met little Olivia when doing engagement pictures for her parents.  What an adorable girl she is, although she wasn't so sure of me and my camera.  I'm glad she toughed it out so we could capture her 1-year milestone! 




The Perkins Family

I was so glad to fit this session in for Miles and Judy while all their kids were home for Labor Day weekend.  I've known this family as long as I can remember, so it was great getting to see the little ones! 



Brianna {4 Years}

I've gotten to photograph Brianna a few times now and she just gets to be more fun each time!  I loved taking pictures at their 'temporary' home on the lake!


Luke [ 2 years old ]

The more I take pictures of younger children, the more I decide that it is one of the most fun things ever!  So many expressions ooze out at this age and just makes my job a piece of cake!  Luke is absolutely adorable...need I say more!  I also very much enjoyed taking these pictures at Salomon Farm in Fort Wayne.  This was a new 'canvas' for me and I LoVeD it!  Here are a few of my favorites from Luke's session!