Kelli & Kids

I love when I get a new client because they saw someone else's pictures and thought they were absolutely beautiful!  Kelli had contacted me a while back wanting pictures with the pretty fall colors...well, after having to reschedule because it was a windy, rainy mess...most of those pretty fall colors were gone.  However, we were able to find a few still on trees, but it certainly doesn't do justice to the typical beautiful fall colors we get here in Indiana.  Even so, she and her kids are just absolutely gorgeous, so I am pretty sure it didn't matter which setting we put them in!

The Miller Family {Brielle turns 1}

I love this family!  I helped bring Steph and Allen together a 'few' years ago (is it 10 this year??), and I am so very glad that God gave them another sweet baby girl to love and adore.  
I have photographed a lot of people in this month, many children, and I have to say that these two girls may have just been the easiest, and the parents were pretty easy-going too!  Even with a little delay during our session, both girls remained happy (for the most part) and just sweet as can be!  :)  I'd also like to say  Happy 1st Birthday to Miss Brielle today!  Enjoy your preview!  I had a lot of favorites, so it was hard to decide what to post!

The Light Family

Oh the Light Family, how they make me smile...I had to opportunity to do senior pictures for both Kody and Audrey and family pictures for their little family a while back, but for this session they threw in the whole crew!  Even though it was terribly cold and winter, they all faked 'warm' really well!!  The kids were little troopers!



Luke, Tommy & Emily

These kids are a riot.  These boys just love their little sister...or at least they pretend really well!  And we had nearly perfect weather, about an hour before sunset for their photo session, which always proves to make amazing pictures, especially when they involve an adorable toddler and an open field.  Yes, I know that was a terribly long run-on sentence, but it's ok...you'll enjoy the cute pics of these kiddos anyway!!

The DeLancey Family

This family is just adorably fun.  We got to explore their farm and woods, enjoying the last of the beautiful fall colors.  And other than a few glitches as I tried to learn my new camera, all was good!  Thank you, DeLancey family, I hope you enjoy your preview!