Aubrey [6 months] and Brayden [3 years]

I feel very very honored that my dear friend, Krystal, makes a point to have me photograph her babies when she comes 'home' to visit her mom.  She lives in Indy...where there seems to a photographer everywhere you turn.  I am glad she chooses me!  Aubrey had her best photo session to date (typically she spends the first half hour crying)!  She even snuggled up in my arms to nap at the end of our time together.  And Brayden...he's definitely three...and soooo stinking adorable!  Enjoy the preview!  I could have photographed these two for a very long time, but then their parents would have an even harder time picking out what they liked best!  We'll see Miss Aubrey again in January for her 9 month pictures!

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