The Williams Family

There have always been a few families that I secretly wish to photograph just because they're adorable, fun or I just love their family dynamic.  This family is one of them.  Back in January at our church's Women's Retreat, I had a gift certificate available as one of the door prizes.  Beth was the one who picked it out of numerous items.  I've been excited ever since!  We did photograph the littlest one, Sarah, months ago, but we waited until we had warmer (and then too warm, then cold, then nearly perfect) weather so we could do some fun family pictures.  I had a hard time picking just which pictures to put on here as a preview because this family lived up to my expectations!  Thank you, Beth and Craig, for letting me in on your family for just a moment in time!  I hope you'll enjoy looking back at these for years and years to come!

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