Sarah {1 Year Old}

I think it's official that Sarah hates me.  She is such an adorable little girl...but she didn't let me in on very many smiles.  Her mom claims it's because I made her wear girl things...lol.  :)


Brody {2 Years}

I have had to wonderful opportunity to photograph Brody since he was just 6 months old.  He's grown so much and is just the sweetest little guy.  I discovered during this session his love for snowmen and football!


The Triplets! {9 months}

It's always so much fun trying to fit in at least a few pictures of all three boys together...never a piece of cake, but getting much easier actually!


Nathan {9 months}

Sweet Nathan (last of "The Triplets")...he was not a happy camper this time around, but he's adorable nonetheless.

Apparently, he hated the whole idea of being an adorable snowman.  


Kevin {9 Months}

The next of "The Triplets"...he gets his day to shine as the first post on my blog!  He still holds his spot as most mellow baby during our photo sessions each month.


Paul {9 Months}

Yes, Paul is one of "The Triplets"...but I decided I'd give the boys each their own blog post this month.  During their session I realized what a whirlwind it is in comparison to a typical session for a 9 month old (I'd just done one a couple days prior, so it was really fresh in my mind).  Even though they are triplets, they still deserve time to be their own little individual selves, right?  Here are a few of my favorite pictures, more will come later.

And a couple 'snowman' pictures...before and after adding a nose and buttons.  Paul thought his nose tasted way too good (we used frosting).  :-)


Aubrey {9 months}

Miss Aubrey is growing so quickly!  I can't believe how fast we're approaching the end of the first year!  She has quite the little personality and endured all the outfit changes and switching out of hairbows.  She is such a doll!