Easter Mini Sessions!!

This Saturday marks the first day of my Easter Mini Sessions.  I have 10 sessions booked for this Saturday and 8 for next Saturday!  I'm really excited.  Even more so excited because we have baby bunnies this year...tiny, so soft and absolutely adorable bunnies.  My kiddos got to meet a few of them last night and I took a few pictures of them with the bunnies to give clients a preview of the backdrop and such.  My own kiddos are always the hardest to photograph...little stinkers.  Here are a few pictures of my own babies enjoying their mama's job!
Also, a reminder, my spring and summer (and actually fall as well) calendar is filling up!  I cannot say enough how important it is to book early.
Thank you and have a nice day!  And be ready for previews of lots of kiddos and bunnies this weekend!

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