Josie [Class of 2013]

Thanks to word of mouth advertising, I got the opportunity to photograph Miss Josie!  She is quite photogenic and has such a joy about her.  My three-year-old little boy sat and watched, as he had to 'help' me take her pictures; even he was intrigued by her big personality.  She was the first of all the seniors I have ever taken pictures of to only want indoor pictures.  A nice reminder that everyone may not be the outdoorsy type!  Although, in the past this may not have been doable...another reason we're loving our new home and the space it provides!  


Kevin {1 Year}

We finally got another day without rain and were able to finish up with these sweet boys!  All such different personalities that will certainly add to this unique family for years to come!  So glad to have been a part of their first year!


The Triplets are ONE!!

So approximately one year ago, I took this first picture. A few days ago, Theresa said she wanted to recreate this picture.  I won't lie, I thought she was nuts.

So, here is our attempt at this picture one year later.  It makes me lol.  

Paul {1 Year}

Triplet #2 is making his appearance on the blog today!  We got quite the array of facial expressions out of this little guy!  Love it!!  I still can't believe these little guys have been around a year already!


Nathan {1 Year}

We're photographing these little boys in multiple days this time...so sit tight, all three should be blogged by the weekend (weather permitting, as we still have Kevin to photograph yet).
It's quite fun to watch triplets who all have such very different little personalities.  It was only fitting that their mama found t-shirts to suit each of these boys perfectly!


Aubrey {1 Year}

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Aubrey Lynn!!  We started Aubrey's pictures a few weeks ago with her cake smash and some bubbles and plan to finish up some with some outside ones when weather warms up!  Even though she cried through most of this session, and I hurt her feelings (pretty sure she was just tired)...I still love her to pieces!  I hope you're enjoying your big day!  A big thanks to her mama for waiting (maybe not) so patiently for her preview as I enjoyed a true spring 'break' with my family!  


{6 years}

I loved meeting this handsome young man!  There is whole lot of personality in this little boy!  I got such a variety of expressions from him as he talked about his recent adventures, which made it hard when trying to decide on which photos were my favorites for you to preview!  Ah, the life of a 6-year-old!