{the time has come}

As many of you have probably noticed, gas prices are high, which means that my cost to take your beautiful photos at the location of your choosing is also going up.  I have been told several times that I don't charge very much, which I know, but I never want it to cost someone an arm and a leg to create memories that you can hold onto forever.  At the same time, I don't want people choosing me as a photographer simply because I am the 'cheap' option, but rather because you love my work that much.  With each session (excluding mini sessions), I include a bound proof book for you to keep.  I choose to do this because I believe that seeing your pictures actually printed is still better than viewing it on a computer screen, and also because it's fun to have a brag book to carry around, of course.  As of May 1st, a Children's Session will be going up to $40 and a Family Session to $50.  Couples and Seniors will stay the same, as will print pricing and the cost of your pictures on cd.  To lock in old prices, please book your session no later than April 30th, 2013.  New pricing will be effective for anyone who books after that date.

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