Owen {1 Year}

Owen is just so sweet, although not really impressed with the whole photo-taking experience.  Here are a few of my favorites...smile or no smile, he is adorable!


Mae {2 Years}

Oh Miss Mae!  What a sweet little thing she is!  She is one of the most expressive, busiest, animated little girls ever!  She certainly kept me busy, but it was fun!


The Certain Family

I photographed this family a few years ago...they're just as adorable as they were then, but have added a sweet little boy to the bunch!


The Sprow Family

This cute family was long overdue for a family picture.  I definitely feel blessed that I was the one to update it for them.  Sweet kids, lots of laughs, and overflowing with love.


The Phillips Family

This is an amazing example of a blended, "Yours, Mine & Ours" family that works.  I first met them all about a year and half ago and since then, they've all grown up, and added another daughter!  We had a little one who was a run away and another who ended up in tears, but it's ok, because this captures their family at this moment in their lives!  It's real life.  I love it!