Jason & Julie {engaged!}

I've known Julie's family for probably the duration of her lifetime!  So when I heard the news she was engaged...well, it didn't seem like she was really old enough to be getting married!!  These two sweethearts were set up on a blind date...and are adorably in love.  I can't wait until their wedding in September!

And I have to include this one because it just cracks me up!  Such an animated couple!


Taylor & Jonas {6.15.2013}

I've known this sweet bride since she was just a toddler, so I was so excited to take part in her special day!  I even got to help curl hair!  More pictures will come as I get more editing done, so hopefully this will make you all happy for the time being!

Their first kiss as Mr. & Mrs.

It didn't last long...so Mike gave them a second chance...

 Kiss #2


Karleigh {1 Year}

Little Karleigh has to be one of the most adorable babies ever!  Her bright eyes and chunky legs and arms and cheeks...oh goodness, she's just simply beautiful!