Shayntel [Class of 2014]

Shayntel is my niece, my sister's oldest step-daughter. Although, I've only known her for a short time, she's quickly fit right into my heart like all the rest of my nieces and nephews.  I think it's pretty neat the way God puts all the pieces together.
Here is the start to Shayntel's senior pictures.  She's requested some in each season, and well, how can I say no?!  There are advantages to having an aunt who loves to take pictures.  I've limited her to two outfits for each season (because we just can't get too carried away)...and we'll be revisiting the site of this first bridge for some pictures in fall, winter and spring, as well as some other fun locations that will look neat specifically in certain seasons.  Stay tuned...we've only just begun!

The Triplets {15 months}

Kevin, Nathan and Paul are now 15 months old!  All the boys are walking, being goofy and trying to be defiant.  :)


The Zook Family

I have known this couple for a long time...they actually got married on the same day as my husband and I did!  It's neat to see how they've been blessed in their 11 years together.
I've photographed their sweet kiddos before, and enjoy it very much every time.  I was most excited that I got lots of smiles from their youngest...I was pretty sure she hated me and my camera before this session! Here is a sample of some of my favorite pictures from our session.


The Cupp Family

Here's another bunch I've been photographing for a very long time!  I've known this mama for as long as I can remember and it's such a blessing to be able to photograph her sweet family!  This is the first time we've done pictures in the summer...and we didn't get too lucky with weather.  We waited until evening to do them, and were still stuck with nearly 90 degree temps!