Olivia {2 years old}

This sweet little girl turns 2 years old this weekend and she's got every bit of that true toddler personality!  I had so much fun listening to her talk and giggle when Mom and Dad would tickle her!  It's been a few months since I photographed her parents' wedding back in February and she's grown up so much in just those few months.  It was great to see them again!


Samantha, Gavin, Matthew, Chloe [Back to School Mini + some other fun]

I've photographed these kids lots of times over the last few years and it never gets old.  They make my heart sing.  And yes, there are a ton of pictures...I'm sorry.  Just enjoy the extra big sneak peek as these adorable kids!!


Brayden {4 years}

4 years ago, I was pregnant at the same time as one my closest friends (well, actually there were a few close friends I was pregnant with, apparently, it was in the air, but Brayden's mom is the one I'm talking about here)!!  These last four years have flown by faster than we all could have imagined and it's been so much fun watching our two boys grow up!

and of course, I've got to throw one in of my boy with him!