Nico [Class of 2013]

Nope, it's not a typo...Nico is from the Class of 2013...we're just a little late on getting pictures done, and he almost got away with none at all, but he was a good kid and fulfilled his mama's request and got them taken!  See, he used to live in Indiana, but now lives in Illinois with his dad, and his mom is in Florida, and well, I'm here.  So, it was interesting getting it all set up, but we accomplished it.  Nico is a fun kid who is unpredictable!  I couldn't really do more than laugh during his session.
Here's a fun note to all seniors...please do not, under any circumstances, get a tattoo just hours before your photo session, that your parents do not know about.  Besides the pain, when you have to lean on something, or your clothing touching it, your parent may request that I edit it out of each picture... (not implying that this was the case with Nico at all)  :)

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