The Meyers Family

I first met Mrs. Meyers when I was 6 years old, at PHES when she was my speech teacher.  I eventually learned how to talk right and I wasn't in speech anymore...and then I remember her being pregnant and she wasn't at school anymore. (Obviously, she was pregnant a lot by the looks of this family, huh?)
Never in a million years would I think that our paths would cross years later when her oldest daughter would become one of my very best friends.  Her oldest daughter, Anna, was dating, then married to, David, one of my then boyfriend, now husband, John's, closest friends from high school (you followed all that, right?).  And though things have changed throughout the years, one thing has remained...I'd do anything for them and they will always make me smile.  :)
With this big family, laughter is always important and I was happy to be the one taking pictures and marking another year of memories for them.
Here are some of my favorite pics from our session!

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