The Williams Family [anticipating the arrival of Baby #4]

Just a year ago, I took pictures for this family of five.  Never guessed I'd being doing them again this year as they would be just weeks away from becoming a family of SIX!  So, as I was editing these pictures, I laughed, I smiled and my eyes may have even leaked a bit.  For those of you who know this family...you know that these boys are uh, what's the word to use...I'll say "busy".  I am so glad that families with busy little boys don't wait until the kids are old enough to sit and take a nice picture.  I much more enjoy the sessions where kids are just kids, when you can capture real life instead of some picture you create for a brief second.  This captures their reality.  This session captured some crazy expressions...and also the tender hearts of these kiddos when they are loving on their mama.  These are the pictures you'll look back at in years to come and laugh (especially when they have kiddos just like them)!  I love you, Williams family, and cannot wait to meet the next one!


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Jody said...

What a great family!