Cal & Mya [and cousin Tayler]

This session marks the last of my regular sessions for the year!  I have 12 Christmas mini sessions to go in the next couple weeks, but I always take off the month of December so I can really focus on my family and spending the most wonderful time of the year together.
I love photographing Cal and Mya...simply because I never know what I'm going to get.  They are absolutely adorable, goofy and I never worry about their personalities shining through!  :)  This time around their cousin, Tayler, just happened to be with them, so we threw in a few pics of her too!


The Keil Family

I love fall colors and cute families.  I'm glad that families are willing to endure cold temps for good pictures...two years in a row!  


The Whetzel Family

The last time I photographed this absolutely adorable family was in 2010, just before the arrival of their youngest (http://www.melissasuewylie.blogspot.com/2010/10/nate-lisa-and-allen-clayton-and-preston.html).  Their boys were so much fun then and they didn't disappoint this time around either!  The couldn't, wouldn't, not even sure they tried to hold still for any of the pictures, but that's ok....they made memories!


The Noll Family

So a couple years ago, I photographed this family on one of the hottest days of the whole summer...but the family was fabulous and just dealt with what we were given.  This year, it would have been nice to have some decent weather, but we had rain...and this family was still fabulous enough to just go with it!  Thankfully, it wasn't a full downpour, just a steady mist.  The beautiful fall colors really helped brighten up the gloomy day!