Kristin & Dan {engaged!}

It is always strange to me when the kids I used to babysit get married, because of course, I'm not that old!  I've known Kristin since she was just a tiny tot and it's been fun to watch her mature into a lovely young lady.  I look forward to doing their wedding pictures in November!
They knew they wanted snowy engagement pictures way back in January...however, the weekend we had planned it rained and the snow just turned ugly.  Since then, we've gotten many more inches of snow, but due to busy schedules and sub-zero temps we didn't get around to them until this past weekend.  Thank goodness God sent us (hopefully) one last snow to cover up the dirty snow that has been melting for the last week or so.  We had fun advenuring through snow drifts up to our knees, with the occassional fall and even getting stuck in Grandma's driveway...but I still love winter pictures!

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De said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest.