Caroline [3 months old]

As I have said before, as a photographer, there are people, families, etc. that I have secretly wanted to photograph for various reasons...cuteness factor, personality and so on...and there are some of those people you know you will never get the opportunity to photograph because there is a relative in the family that is a wonderful photographer (the lovely Wendy Stump) and always does there pictures.  Well, when that lovely photographer got too busy, it gave me the chance to photograph this adorable little gal!  So, while I am sure that Wendy is sad she didn't get to document this milestone in Caroline's first year...I am glad I got to be the one to do it!  She is such a precious little doll!


Timothy [3 months old]

I have had such easy, laid back, happy babies recently...and Timothy certainly kept the trend going!  Such a cute pie...and so expressive!

Paul - Nathan - Kevin [2 years old]

So these three adorable little guys are two years old already!  Can't believe I've been photographing them since before they were born!  And even though they were womb mates for almost 9 months, they have such completely different personalities.  They were so much fun.  I love toddlers!  


Riley Jo {+3 sisters}

Zeeb girl #4, Miss Riley Jo, arrived on Friday, April 4th, 2014.  She totally rocked out her first photo session!  Only a couple bouts of grumpy, but that really is to be expected with as much as we moved her around, when really all she wanted to do was sleep, undisturbed!  Big sisters Makayla, Kylie and Maggie are absolutely loving her!

I know there are those who hate feet, but there is just something about little feet...


Benson [Class of 2014]

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from a senior session with Benson.  It was a beautiful day at Pokagon State Park!  Although, for me, as a Prairie Heights graduate, of course, it is hard to photograph those from rival schools (ha!), but I must admit, I love the way the color pops in the pictures of him in his letterman jacket!  :)

Kuhn Cousins Easter Mini Session