The Bateman Family

This family is so fun!  I've photographed them before, and every time, little Noah is so shy and really doesn't find my camera very exciting.  The last two times I have taken his pictures though, Grandma and Grandpa have tagged along and he has done fabulous!  For these family pictures, I went to their house and all 4 grandparents got to take part in making Noah smile.  It was awesome!  The goofy things that grandparents will do to help out is just amazing!  We got some genuine smiles and laughter from this little man all thanks to them!  
Here are some of my favorite pictures from our session.  At the time our their session they had no idea that their sweet dog would pass away just days later.  I'm so glad they got one last family picture with their beloved Hondo before they had to say goodbye.  

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