The Certain Family

I love when I get to photograph families year after year and watch their kiddos grow!  And as difficult as they may be to photograph while standing still, I love toddlers and their unpredictability!  


Quintin [1 year old]

Check out this little stud muffin!  The night before his session, his mama told me that he didn't do very well with strangers.  Which made me very nervous...but obviously, she was just trying to scare me!  Quintin was one of the happiest one-year-olds I have ever photographed!  He was also super busy and owned every bit of the unpredictable toddler title!


Peggy, Isabella and John {family}

This family was super fun to work with.  I loved the energy of the little ones!  And Pokagon is always fun to adventure around!  Here are some favorites of mine!



Alex [Class of 2015]

Alex is my first senior of the Class of 2015!  His mom and I had lots of fun toting him around to different spots.  He may have acted like he didn't enjoy it, but I think he secretly did.  Boys and senior pictures don't typically go hand in hand.  No, most of them don't care about the pictures, but they do it because they love their mamas who want to remember this time in their lives...as bittersweet as it may be!  He's a few of my favorites at first glace...a few more may come as finish editing. 

Samantha, Gavin, Matthew and Chloe [Back to School]