Timothy [9 months old]

I can't believe this little guy is already 9 months old!  It wasn't the happiest of sessions, but we pushed through.  Then Dad walked outside and he became a different baby!


Aspen [Class of 2015]

I had a fun time with Aspen and her family...and her dogs, venutring around the school farm.  I mean, who can't have fun when cute dogs are involved!  And she even saved us from a snake!  
It was hard to narrow down just a few pictures to post here as your preview because we got such a variety, but I hope you like 'em!  

The Stout Family

I've taken family pictures for this family for a few years now and I have to say this time around was the most exciting!  We were racing raindrops, it was very chilly and two sweet kids were very full of energy (the good energy that consisted of lots of smiles and laughter)!  No one complained of the cold, we just got down to business.  This was probably the fasted session I've ever done with and dogs involved...and even pulled of lots of really good shots!  

Trevan and Mandy {one year}

Sweet little Mandy and Trevan...what can I say about them?!  I LOVE taking pictures of 'kids' I have watched grow up!  And I was really excited when Mandy won my gift certificate that I give away at our church's Women's Retreat.  It was a special way to document their {one year} of happily ever after.  Aren't they just adorable!!  I wonder how cute they will look in 49 years?! (Hopefully, I'm still around too, and know who they are...maybe I can still be their photographer then!)  :)


Reed and Deby

Reed and Deby are such a fun couple and the love they share is very evident.  
And who knew they'd be willing to climb wood piles to get the perfect picture?!  
I love the location and the beautiful fall colors!

The Yoder Family

It is always fun when someone says they have a few spots in mind for pictures.  You never really know what you're going to get, but most of the time, it is something fabulous; whether it be the rich and famous lake homes or off the beaten path in Amish country.  I very much enjoyed this cute little family and their sweet kiddos!  Here are a few favorites from our photo session that we fit in just before a rainy evening set in!