Kory and Danielle {expecting Lincoln}

There is just something about first time parents...they are adorable...excited...overflowing with happiness...and they just don't quite understand how much their lives are really going to change!  I could have photographed these two all day...BUT it was just a bit chilly and I'm sure they would have gotten a bit annoyed with me!  Ha!  These two are just so incredibly adorable (and well, Big Brother Amos is pretty cute too)!  Their sweet baby is so blessed to be getting them as parents.

And I just have to share this one because it makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it!


Arianna & Harley

It's always fun to take pictures for family...this time is was for my cousin and her babies!  This sweet almost 3-year-old made me work for every tiny smile we got, but little mister enjoyed every minute of his camera time!  Here are a few favorites of mine.

The Keil Family

I have photographed this cute family since the youngest turned one year old.  Look at him now!  We've never been too lucky with the weather, but someone we managed to fit in this spontaneous session on a beautiful fall day!  Lots of smiles and real personalities!


Nathan Mitchell {brand new}

Oh, sweet Baby Nathan!  Long awaited.  Unexpected.  Completely loved.  God is good.  
Here's our little local celebrity...


Daniel and Kristin {11.1.14}

For the record...no, I don't do [many] weddings.  But you say, uh...you do.  Well, weddings are not my forte, they take a lot of time and I feel there are other far better photographers who deserve the title of wedding photographer.  While my kiddos are still young, I'm not ready to devote all my weekends to weddings.  HOWEVER...there are times when I simply cannot say no.  This would be one of those times.  You see, Kristin and I go way back, to her toddler years.  I have watched her grow into a lovely young woman and when they asked if I would take part in this special day...why of course I would!  Much of her family and the extended family are close friends of mine and I knew it wouldn't be the stress that I tend to have when photographing most weddings.  My own family even got to attend this wedding, which was fun!  I wish the very best for Kristin and Dan as they begin their new lives together...forever and ever!
I have a ton of pictures from their wedding day, so I will be adding a few pictures for the next few days...ENJOY! 

Isn't this too sweet?!  Daddy's First Look!