Daniel and Kristin {11.1.14}

For the record...no, I don't do [many] weddings.  But you say, uh...you do.  Well, weddings are not my forte, they take a lot of time and I feel there are other far better photographers who deserve the title of wedding photographer.  While my kiddos are still young, I'm not ready to devote all my weekends to weddings.  HOWEVER...there are times when I simply cannot say no.  This would be one of those times.  You see, Kristin and I go way back, to her toddler years.  I have watched her grow into a lovely young woman and when they asked if I would take part in this special day...why of course I would!  Much of her family and the extended family are close friends of mine and I knew it wouldn't be the stress that I tend to have when photographing most weddings.  My own family even got to attend this wedding, which was fun!  I wish the very best for Kristin and Dan as they begin their new lives together...forever and ever!
I have a ton of pictures from their wedding day, so I will be adding a few pictures for the next few days...ENJOY! 

Isn't this too sweet?!  Daddy's First Look!