The Williams Family

This session was probably one of the most relaxed I've ever had...and if you know the energy level of these kids, you're thinking, "WHAT?!"  There are a lot of parents out there, who, when their kids are young...and life is crazy...the whole family picture thing just doesn't excite them...thinking it's not worth the stress and effort that it will take to make pictures happen.  Well...it is worth it.  Your kids are only little once.  And regardless of if they can sit still and smile for a picture, you need to document it...craziness and all.  This family came prepared.  Books, snacks, favorites and NO EXPECTATIONS!  Yep...that is right.  If you come, knowing that you are not a family of models and perfectly behaved children, your family photos will be awesome!  Natural.  Real.  Perfect.

 This is the "I forgot my camera" face!