Dustin and Alyssa {engaged}

I always get really excited when I get to photograph 'kids' I've watched grow up.  I have known Dustin his whole life.  He was always a bit of a crazy kid (little brother to one of my friends).  How could I have expected anything less from a photo session with him?!
We'd set up a date a few weeks prior to this session, but didn't set a time until the night before when Dustin called.  So we confirmed a time and then he said, "We're going to have fun.  We bought paint."  In my head, before he said the 'we bought paint part', I was thinking...well, of course, we'll have fun.  My photo sessions are always fun...but I never could have imagined how much fun these two would be.  Paint, a giant mud puddle, a hose to clean up...yes, it was super fun...well, other than the super cold water from the hose.

Congratulations, Dustin and Alyssa!  
I hope you never forget the fun side of life!  
...and I hope we can redo these pictures when you reach your 25th wedding anniversary!

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