Mr. & Mrs. Sean Hartman {7.18.15}

I met Sean and Katie a couple years ago at Sean's brother's wedding.  Little did I know they'd be asking me to do engagment pictures about a year and a half later.  They then asked me to photograph their wedding as well.  I'd really been trying to ease out of wedding photography.  Weddings are oodles of fun, but the time they take editing afterward just proved to be too much for my family and me.  I'd actually told Katie and Sean no to begin with, but that I'd think about it.  And when they came to pick up their engagement pictures, their cute little faces just won me over (and it certainly helped that their wedding would be at the beautiful Salomon Farm).
So, a week ago, these two kids got hitched...on THE HOTTEST DAY of the entire summer!  Plans changed last minute, due to a pop up thunderstorm, to move the wedding indoors rather than outside and this wedding party just rolled with the punches!  It was a beautiful day, minus the humidity and crazy hotness...but at the end of the day, we had a Mr. and Mrs. nonetheless.  
Here's a litte preview from thier fabulous day!

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