Andrea [PHHS Class of 2016]

Such a beautiful girl inside and out!  Watching her grow up over the years has been such a pleasure.  I had so much fun adventuring with her at Pokagon State Park!  The weather was fabulous and the colors were perfect!  She was even kind enough to let my daughter tag along for the fun.  We also did a summer session (which I never got around to posting...I will do that soon) and I look forward to a snowy session as well!  

Braydon [PHHS Class of 2016]

It was lots of fun meeting Braydon, and his family who tagged along for the fun. He's a drummer and a bass player, so that made it even more exciting!  There is a special place in my heart for band kids.  I have lots of favorites from his session, but here are just a few!  

Curtis [PHHS Class of 2016]

The week prior to Curtis' pictures, we talked about where they wanted to do these pictures....and when "bank parking lot" came up, I thought...well, that's a first!  He rides bikes (and not just rides bikes, you know, he's pretty talented)...so that was a first for me too!  I had so much fun watching him do tricks and just have fun, because that is what senior pics are all about!

The Sears Family

This family had to reschedule twice due to terrible weather!  Thankfully, they were willing to give up a couple hours of fall break for some family pictures when the weather finally cooperated.  They are such a sweet family; kids oozing with personality and teenage boys who may not have been thrilled with the whole picture idea...but they were great!

The Witherspoon Family

This fall has probably been the busiest I've ever experienced!  It's been full of new clients as well as several regular clients...this family being one of my regulars!  I've gotten to photograph them since Miss Jillian was just a year old...and she just turned six!  Love watching kids grow and these two have quite the adorable bond and personalites to boot!