The Neff Family [expecting Rowan]

I am super jealous of pregnant mamas who look this fabulous less than a month away from having a baby!  This family was simply awesome...kids full of energy (means no fake smiles) and well, the typical hubby who is willing to take pictures because he loves his wife!  I absolutely loved the location they picked, perfect, just perfect! (of course, when little miss asked if I could take pictures of her on the swing...I couldn't say no.)  I am so excited to meet their new little man!


William [1 Year Old]

This little man is so fun to photograph!  Everything is great, the world makes him smile...well, except when his dog comes around, that does make him a bit nervous!  I cannot believe it's been a year since he made his world debut!


The Sowles Family

 This little family is just simply adorable!  Three little boys, full of energy and each has their very own personality!  Although we may not have gotten the "pefect" picture, this is real life and these parents are blessed!